Ride on Toys for Toddlers

Children like different kinds of toys, some of them like cuddly plush playthings, some like cars and fast-moving trains, and others like entertaining ride-on toys. In a saturated market, many toys fit this description and would have you thinking, “what is the best ride-on toy for toddlers?” The answer is there is a lot to choose from, all of them offering the ride on experience most children crave. 

Considerations choosing Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

As with purchasing anything else, a lot of thought must go into it before you walk into the store and pick the first few that catch your attention. So that he would have the best experience playing with his new toy, you have to consider the following. 

Age: The age of your child would determine how the toy would ride and also the extent to the safety features that would come fitted. Older children can sure take care of themselves, but you need to ensure that the toy is made from premium materials that would not give way as he plays. Toys for younger children need to be bought with more scrutiny, a look at the material it is made from, handles, the amount of grip and stability, comfort of the sway, and many more. 

Dimensions: When buying a toy like this, age alone can’t help you narrow the right one down. You can have kids of the same age that would not weigh the same or be the same height; in this case, one size does not fit all. So after you check to see if the toy is age-appropriate, you have to consider the size of your child to pick out the right toy with the right dimensions. Do this right, and your watch him beam with joy.

Play Area: Now, you have got the right toy that’s perfect for your child’s age, but does it fit into your routine? Does it fit into your son’s routine? You have to factor in where he likes to be. If he is more likely to be inside, you should not get him a toy so big that it does not fit into his play area. And if he spends more time indoors, you should check for a toy that would fit right in and not take too much floor space. 

Safety: They must have fun with their toys, but their safety should never be compromised to enhance their experience playing. Children, no matter how smart they look, would always be children, and it is our duty as parents or guardians to look out for them. When buying toys for their riding pleasure, you should make sure it comes fitted with a strong support system so it would stay upright, easy to grip handles and comfortable seats so they can ride all day. 

New on Toys for Toddlers

5 Best Ride on Toys for 1 to 3 Year Olds

1. Little Tikes’ Blue Rocking Horse

This is one of the rocker horse classics; this galloping horse is designed to be simple and, at the same time, entertaining. The horse is lightweight, and as such, makes it easy for your child to carry it wherever they go. The compact size makes it a master of both outdoor and indoor play, and all children between the ages of 1 and 3 are going to have a blast with this elegant toy in their arsenal. For a similar ride on motorcycles checkout starwalkkids, which has a dedicated ride-on section filled with vehicles for children of all ages.

The horse combines functionality well with safety and security as it is fitted with easy-grip handles and one of the most comfortable seats you would ever find on a beautiful rocking horse. 

2. Barbie’s Pink Tricycle 

Usually, when you read through lists like this, it always feels like only boys have all the fun. Not anymore! We have introduced this special Barbie trike, especially for your beautiful girl. Just like her, this tricycle is beautiful, and she would have fun pedaling and riding everywhere she wants to go. The tricycle has a wide wheelbase for stability when she rides, comfortable seat for a seamless, enjoyable experience, big foot pedals, so she can go fast and still be safe, also with easy-grip handles so she can’t slip or fall. 

The tricycle is gorgeously styled to attract her at the very first glance; it is made from safe, child-friendly materials to assure her safety further. 

3. Four Wheeler All-Terrain Vehicle

All kids have bicycles; some have tricycles, only special kids deserve to ride a quad bike. And of the quad bikes on the market, this is by far one of the best. The four-wheeler ATV brings fun to your child in a different kind of way. It has a powerful electric motor that drives this powerful machine, and it can go just fine on all kinds of terrain with its specially threaded tires. The four-wheeler is the real deal as it ensures an immersive experience with functioning headlights and a horn to alert passers-by as you cruise at a top speed of 2 mph. 

4. John Deere Activity Tractor

The John Deere tractor is more than the usual kiddies push or pull toy; it plays ‘Old McDonald’ when you push the horn and encourages your children to sing along. The package includes four farm animals to complete the whole farm experience. The three in one design allows them to have fun in three exciting ways: push along, scoot along, or be pushed with the walk-behind bar. This is the ultimate little farmer’s toy. 

5. Fisher-Price Smart Scooter

If you want a toy that grows with your child, then this is just the thing. The scooter allows you to change the levels to adjust for your child’s growth and teach the different shapes, colors, numbers and can also play more than 50 tunes, phrases, and songs. The scooter has an interactive child-friendly dashboard with shape buttons, clicking keys that help develop motor and cognitive skills. For a blend of fun and learning, this is one toy you need to buy.